Monday, August 6, 2007

Back to Trivial Life after the Bridge

It's a bit hard to write about films, CDs, books, WTF moments after the devastation that occurred last week. As I type @ approximately 8:26 a.m. CST there are divers looking for loved ones. When they do have the final count for those missing or dead I think you will see such a diverse cross-section of the Twin Cities that those people outside of the metro area might be surprised. Older upper middle-class, immigrants, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, people with disabilities, people just passing through, those who took it everyday.

But we have to move on. This doesn't mean we forget. This doesn't mean we don't care. It just means that in order to function and survive we have to take pleasure in the other details of life. We have to slowly change the water cooler conversation. And each of us will decide to focus on something else when it is our time.

I realized having gone up north to go home (something I already had planned before collapse) was that I needed to get out of MPLS. I needed to be away from President Bush, The Uptown Art Farse or Fair as it is known to others, to leave the scenery, take a break from The Red Cross and to re-charge my batteries, so to speak. It was good to be back in my roots. To see others I haven't seen in seven years. And to break in the fresh winds that blow up north.

But then it was time to come home. Time to be back in the city of Minneapolis that I love.

And coming back I thought of all the things that I love --- films, books, This American Life, music, sports. So what a better way to divulge into them all.

The Twins making a slight comeback in the Central. If Silva wins tonight I will be on the bandwagon, but let me see how "Hi--HO--Silva" does tonight.

I'm going to see the matinee of The Bourne Ultimatum today. It should be fantastic. I hoping I will have nothing but rave reviews. I heart this trilogy, which is surprising since it's not a romantic comedy, documentary or independent films.

Speaking of independent films I finished watching "Funny Ha Ha" and "Shortbus." For starters, just as "Funny Ha Ha" gets good and you get invested ends. That's all I'm going to say. And it could be a day or a week in the life of any 20-something year old you know. As for "Shortbus" I had NO IDEA what it was going to be about. It happened to pop up in my NetFlix queue as I was searching for something else. And you know how sometimes the pop ad will recommend a movie and then have five other movies on the sidebar that if you liked those five then you would like the featured pop up movie. Well that's what happened with "Shortbus." And I must say it's a little like porn the beginning, but then it becomes a story about "sexual freaks who are similar to those that ride the short bus."

I liked it. I liked it a lot. I watched it by myself and I really resonated with all of the six lead characters but in different ways. Maybe it says I'm a freak as well, but I think the director and writer did a phenomenal job of making all of them human, outside of their "freakness."

Just downloaded the new Spoon album. The indie Austin band that could. Just got my The Format ticket in the mail. Looking forward to investing more time in both of these acts. And now that I know I am not moving until October, all should be fantastic.

Still reading Wuthering Heights. I have one book left on my summer-of-books-I-should-have-read-in-high-school-tour. Then it will be backed to the fine selections I chose for myself. Hurray!

One more finalist interview with just the executive director. But I'm not even phased or worried. Maybe I should be. But after everything that has happened since Wednesday, all I can be is myself. And I think that is all we can ask for from each other.

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