Friday, August 10, 2007

Not a Writer's Blocks but a Compelling Block? (perhaps.)

i rant. i enjoy it. i hold nothing back. it's the price i pay for being a multi-thinker, talking in tangents and blazing fast wit.

but i like to think there is a purpose? whether it's to show a point of an argument, share my experiences that prolly happen to others in the world, and share those that i am convinced only happen to me. i like to think i am achieving some sort of an objective. i wouldn't dare call it a "goal" and there is definitely no plan in place, strategies or tactics. but then today i wake up and think i really have nothing to write?

of course, that's silly, i tell myself. but wait. if i break down which team is better 87 twins or 91 twins? that is going to require research for baseball breakdown, clubhouse factor and how i perceived them as a six year old vs. as a ten year old. i can't just rattle that off. that is an assignment, to not be taken lightly.

but now the shuffle iTunes is playing my fave Dylan song "Tangled Up in Blue" so that's gotta count for something. something positive. gosh i'm a freak at times. but a proud freak.

it's more entertaining when you are struggling and hitting potholes (figuratively speaking since literally MPLS is Pothole Ave near the intersection of Big Bumps in the Road everywhere.) to reflect on life. when you are really happy what is there to joke, make fun of or complain about? don't get me wrong i'd prefer to be happy and have stable income and all that comes with that, but the stories are more entertaining when you are struggling but keeping afloat. because you'd consider things you might not consider when you know you will for sure make rent next month without worries. plus when you are "opinionated, young and hunger" you might others like you. kinda make you feel like you are in a secret club that used to exist in america circa late 60s. i'd prolly cross my group of OYH (opinionated, young and hungry) as a Warhol group, with a mellow Mamas and Papas vibe, but with an English attitude/snobbery ... because we like to think we are better than those we make fun of. or you could call us the group who work at Rob's story in High Fidelity.

so what's on the horizon? i've declined to play in several fantasty football leagues. since two years ago i called the steelers winning the superbowl in preseason, i figure my luck is running out, so why spend the $$ for my own team when i can help others? exactly. it's in my philanthropic soul to help others.

hoping the Twins can make a comeback starting this weekend. but i think i have been hoping for that all year. it almost feels like the Twins are crossing the road into Superior, WI, you know the place where hope dies. it's true. ask anyone from the Twin Ports.

if football is starting to gear up and get ready that means hockey is only six weeks away. YEA!

new job. new apt. new experiences, challenges and hurdles. life after the bridge. autumn (fave season) right around the corner. bands i like are coming to town before the end of the year. apparently there could be another Bourne edition. i'm happy, overall. and hoping my happiness won't hinder my writing. only in my warped brain could that be an issue and well, that's one of a million reasons of why i am who i am.

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