Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm gonna be a 55406 girl

ok, so this isn't as catchy as 90210. but for a MPLS lady who has resided in 55455, 55413 and 55408 only -- this is significant. a change to 55406. what will i do will myself?

LOVE IT! that's what.

here's the skinny. was looking for a place in st. anthony main or the lower (south to the logical peeps) part or NE. with bridge and devastation, while I don't think it will be too big of a deal getting around, it will be a little more difficult to haul my shit around. and in case i haven't mentioned it before --- I loathe moving.

so it's going to be sealed tomorrow. i guess i have 24 hours to change my mind. but it's too sweet of a deal, i can commute by the LTR if needed and what else. it just feels right. sometimes, actually more times often than not, you gotta listen to your gut -- and gut says this is fantastic.
(and when does your gut ever think anything is fantastic? state fair season and some cheese curds, but even the overdose on curds can make you tummy unhappy? hhmmmm......)

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