Thursday, August 9, 2007

Catch Up Session with ....well, me, of course

it's been several consecutive back-t0-back-to-back-to-back busy days in these parts. a quick recap:

i have got up on sleep from Red Cross volunteer duties. that's good.

got a new job and start on monday. and you know, that's good.

finishing up on the freelance projects, we are in final stages. so getting some cash flow so i don't have to be "angry, young and poor" anymore. that's good.

realized i can polish off a 12 pack of beer on my own and not have a hangover the next day, only if and only if i have some good pizza as a base. realizing i'm a chick and can be having a good time without the hangover. that's good. but also a little troublesome the 12 beers and maybe that explains why my jeans fit a little tighter these days. oh well. i like moderation and i like to stumble into obliviation from time to time. and you know, that's good.

michael cuddyer going 0-4( ohfour) not so good.
Twins losing a series to The Royals, not so good.
amanda winning (a kitten and a woman who prolly graduated same year as HS as me) not so good.

so final count good 4, not so goods 3.
it's been a good week.

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