Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter Hangover

I'm not suffering for what's mentioned above. Nope. Having only read the first two book and have only seen the first three films, I'm not suffering from a Harry Potter hangover. But I have plenty of loved ones who are. You see the final book came out this weekend (unless you were living under a rock you prolly knew as much) and the latest movie opened the week before. So needless to say, all of the Gryffendor groupies out there are in remission and are need of some serious drugs to cure their hangover.

As loved ones to such people with the disease, there are a few warning signs.

First, check the eyes. They could be weary and tired from having sped read through a 700+ page novel. And depending on where your loved one is in the spectrum of the "gryffendor groupie" they could already be re-reading

Second, looks for marks on their head. Some of the crazies actually dress up as such characters and find themselves will strange and peculiar marks on their face.

Third and final, look for your friend who is a little happy but a little depressed. Kinda of what I suspect a teenage mom would be like after giving her kid up for adoption. They are happy and satisfied knowing Harry (and child) will have a good life, but sad that they have to let it go.

Knowing J.K. Rowling there could be a potential hotline for those with the Harry Hangover. But as much obligation to the word, keep in my these three tips.

Oh and while everyone else is suffering from harry hangover, I have been practicing for World Series of Pop Culture. I was rusty to begin with, but now watch out baby, I'm on fire. And leading one of the categories today. I've succumbed to my own devices --- random trivia.

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