Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's what I didn't want to do before interview

so for those who read my rambles, you prolly get a sense of who i am. how misfortunes or oddities happen on a frequent basis, that i usually have a comment for just about anything and that i am not a "speechless" person. hence the irony in the title. but yesterday.

let the record state i am usually a timely person in my professional life. personal life, i am vague and a big fan of the "ish" term. 5:30ish , 7ish, you get the deal. so yesterday i can't find the place i am suppose to be in an interview. it was a very humbling and embarrassing experience. i literally was looking at the building but for a lack of signage drove around it several times. but at least i was calling the person i was interviewing with so let them know i was going to be tardy. so i am already five minutes late and feeling like a fool. good start, kid.

i feel like i tell very long stories for my answers. i am trying to be the rambles to a minimum. but they are asking 7 questions in one question and i'm trying to answer everything.

i said "freakin" in the interview. that can't be good.

it last for two hours. which was prolly 45 minutes longer than they thought it was going to go. but i know they want a candidate with all of my lovely qualifications. and since i'm little miss nonprofit (see earlier entry for more info) and this was a nonprofit, that's gotta count for something. but here is the kicker. i go to leave, throw on my $9.99 shades from Heartbreakers and one of my lenses falls out. Nice. that's classy. jeepers, whatta embarrassing experience. but my bravado was not embarrassing, except maybe to myself. oh the pain. and i get to sit with it all day and hope that scott baker can pull out a W.

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