Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who wants to help me take down Twisted Misters?

now i usually don't watch too much tv. the occasional or frequent trip to neighborhood bar for sports games and ESPN highlights. but yesterday i succumbed to spending the entire day watching the world series of pop culture. and dammit who wants to be on my team?

most of my friends wouldn't participate. but i think there could be a decent shot. so i am sending my sos to the world, STAT. who wants to compete with me? we discuss strengths and weaknesses, etc. etc. i already have a great MINNESOTA team name but I am open to suggestions. BTW team name i thought of this morning: The Hopeful Replacements Reign and ode to the (Olympic) Hopefuls, The Replacements and Prince's Purple Rain. Or Sin Cities aka Minneapolis and Saint Paul from Drop Dead Gorgeous. but again, open to suggestions. actually i think i found people to consider, but am willing to look for other candidates. because dammit, i want that trophy and some cash would be nice. i feel like lorelai wanting the dance title over kirk. it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.


Anonymous said...

I would like to officially submit myself to be considered to be a part of this team. I love pop culture and trivia. Plus, I know my shit - that's for sure. If I had cable, I would have been all over watching the tournament. I heard it was much more difficult this time around. As far as team names go, I think Sin Cities would be good given the obscure culture reference contained within. -Siri

Ms. Minneapolis said...

i know. there would have to be a try-out and some SERIOUS studying. what areas are your specialities? we would need some serious stra-tee-gery.

Ms. Minneapolis said...

hey lady -
do you have anything going on for your big BDAY?