Monday, July 23, 2007

Retrieve a Golden in Minnesota

I'm in love. Stop the presses. I am in love, twice. And it fills my heart up with warm fuzzy feelings and I can't even stand it. I'm in love with a brother and a sister.

That's right. I am in love with siblings. Who were left on the side of the road to die. It's not just my heart strings or this sounds like the dismal flick Grey Matters, featuring the mother of Tom Brady's soon-to-be-son. These siblings are so adorable, I feel I couldn't love one without the other.

And I am moving into (hopefully) an apartment that will take pets. Goodness aren't these guys adorable. It tugs on my heart strings. Yes I'm a softy when it comes to big dogs. But these two where thrown off of a truck on the highway and Dodger the yellow one was burned by car exhaust. They are so little and adorable. Usually I am partial to taking the older dogs since no one wants a dog over 10, but these two are so freakin adorable. I'm in love with siblings.

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