Monday, June 11, 2007

Canadian Geese Mass Suicide

the oddest thing occurred yesterday. or more of a true statement the oddest thing that i witnessed was yesterday morning. i was driving on 694 in between 252 and university ave. so i am crossing the good ol' mississippi river and the Canadian geese family with goslings (not nearly as the canandian ryan gosling) are walking across the interstate. then there was another family coming up from the river and then another. it was like Canadian geese family ala Jonestown
and i was witnessing the initial Jim Jones of the candian geese pact.

now depending on your opinion luckily i moved over to the fart left and so did most of the other cars that i saw. given it was 8:00 am there weren't too many cars on the road. but it was so bizarre. because there were three families. strange and hopefully it didn't end in a sad ending, but again, depending on your opinion you could determine your own sadness.

so i have a friend who works in the book publishing business. he was telling me about this new memoir that he thinks i would really dig. "she sort of writes like you," he tells me. what i am no longer original? "no," he confirms. "she has this cool grunge story of traveling the country in dive bars with her chick band. and she writes like teenage journal style, but is quite witty and whimsical."

needless to say i didn't know what to make of these comments. teenage journal style reminds of judy blume books. and i don't think i would ever describe myself as whimsical. just like i would never describe myself as "nice." (for those interested i can't stand when someone is described as "nice." to clarify people can be sweet or kind, gentle or good-hearted but nice? it's what you say when you don't have anything else to say. such has if you've had a boring weekend and you get back to the office and people ask you how it was you respond "nice." there's no thought or anything of interest in the answering with the word nice. unless of course it is followed with the phrase "to look at." example. he's look at.) where the hell was i again?

oh the book and the writer. so my publisher friend tells me that the author is Laurie Lindeen from the Zuzu Petals. and sure shit what is the feature story in today's STRIB SOURCE section an article on Laurie Lindeen and her memoir called Petal Pusher. And according to Amazon I can purchase it with The Replacements biography for a steal of $31.95

how weird is that? it's not that i am going the book because it was featured in the STRIB. that's not how i roll. but you feel like you know something potentially cool that no one else knows. it's like anything else that is underground and once it goes mainstream you end up like Diablo Cody although without the stripping, the royalties or an appearance on The Letterman Show.

so do i have a point to my rambling? do i ever have a point to the rambling? of course not, it is just to amuse. but Petal Pusher looks like it could be entertaining. and i was never in a band so that's not the genre my memoir will take me. but i did pick the sticks over the weekend and pretended to be the next John-a Bonham, but i'm pretty tame so i drum more like Ringo Starr although i think i'm cooler than him. just not british or in one of the best bands of all time. but personality-wise i'd rank myself higher than ringo. but prolly not his son Zak Starkey. kidding. Zak's first wife looks like a female Paul McCartney. It's weird. Google and see for yourself if interested.

so just so we are tallying up the crazy references in this ramble. from jim jones and jonestown to diablo cody and zak starkey. i think it's an afternoon delight, skyrockets in flight.

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