Tuesday, June 12, 2007

an expected but an unexpected surprise

i have one dear friend from high school that i still keep in contact with. she fills me in on the hometown gossip -- who's hooking up, getting married, having babies, etc. she's a good egg. prolly the sweetest-would-give-you-the-shirt-off-her-back type of friend. very lucky to have her and very luck that she is still alive. she had kind of a PSYCHO ex-boyfriend at one point. but now she is married. happened earlier this year.

so i predicted that would want kids right away. she was the first person i know to buy a house. always has her shit together, unlike my pathetic excuse of self. hey, i like my renter's credit, thank you very much. who wants to build equity at my age? oh, smart people who have their shit together, that's who.

haven't talked to this friend in awhile. sent a card just thinking of her and hoping all is well. got a card back saying they are expecting sometime in early 2008. so the baby could have a chance at being born on my b-day, i like this child already.

so has friends get married, settle down and start families, what about those of us who aren't? since i'm on the later stages of my 20s, i don't feel the judgement like women in their 30s. but technically i am still single. so i feel the judgement approaching at a speedy rate. life's funny, ya know? there is like this static of other people's opinion, pressures, norms, societal expectations, that if you listen to it long enough you could go crazy. i firmly believe that. that's why you gotta follow the beat of your own drum, head or heart.

so while i am excited for her and her dream of having a family i question whether it is i really want or if i'm just tuning into the static too much???

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