Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Love for All Things Mischke

for the most part, i like change. but there is one thing that i am still saddened that changed. the switch of tommy "t.d." mischke to day-time. i thoroughly enjoyed his show for the past several years before i went to bed. working in the PR field i always found his take on the news-of-the-day entertaining and insightful. undertaker al, joe and all the other late-night crazies. and one of my favorite memories to have occurred his conversation with mayor R.T. i wish i could find the conversation to link it in. it is straight-up fantastic, because R.T. thinks he is calling KS 95 and Mischke being the fine journalist that he is doesn't let him off the hook. good God, it's great. but this might me another one of my Top 5 Mischke moments. it's the best thing about new hampshire that i am aware of.

mischke could almost change me to ms. st. paul, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. i enjoy the other city, but this girl's heart reads M-P-L-S, not s-t-p. but thinking of s-t-p makes me think of stone temple pilots, which inevitably puts me back to middle school, which inevitable makes me itch. like swimmer's itch. here's what i don't understand about high school violence. how could those years be worse than middle school? there is nothing good that occurs to anyone from 13 - 14. those years are the abyss of life years, that's what i call them. i have yet to meet someone who has enjoyed middle school or junior high. it's torturous years. maybe the high school violence erupts because of all the angst that kids suffer in middle school. but jon stewart said it best. kids who are feeling depressed and angry in high school should attend a 25 year high school reunion. because there you will see the popular group losing hair, gaining weight and looking awfully worse than the freaks and geeks from 25 years ago. yep, i won't be attending any sorts of school reunion. yes there are people i would like to see or re-connect with, but this day in age of myspace and internet searches, it's easier to find people. so i will not be going through the ridiculous and resentful reunion thing. and i will keep a little slice of resentment that mischke is on at noon instead of 9 - midnight.

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