Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's the Cost of a Second Chance?

So seriously, I don't have the answer to this question. But what is the price of a second chance? I know they are rare, hard to come by and if you don't pursue them you spend a part of your mind wondering "what if?" So what is the value of a second chance. It's something I don't think I want to figure out, because the return on the investment is too sweet.

Second chances, whether a job, a love that got away, a relationship or an opportunity are rebounds. But the good kind of rebounds. The second chance rebounds, not like being a rebound date or you are mending and on the rebound. You can either make the most of the second chance and put it in the basket or you can miss it. Chances are you are going to have a better opportunity than the first second chance, because since chances are rare -- third and fourth chances -- are even more hard to come by and rarely exist. Unless of course you are Joe Liberman.

So what to do with my second chance at the U? They have expediated the process because they are definitely interested in hiring me for a variety of positions and I think they are trying to determine where I could be best used -- for the organization and for my own goals. While I am loving the second chance, I'm getting nervous for this interview. I really thought I had it 18 months ago. And professionally speaking I know I can be a polarizing personality -- either you like me or find me intimidating. Why is confidence intimidating? It truly is. If you are a bold person who is also opinionated and likes to take risks -- watch out! Women in positions of power will either embrace this or be threatened by it. It's very dumb. And it's only with women with other women. We are our own worst enemies -- we frickin' sabatoge shit. And when that day comes when I'm in power of position I vow to never do this.

How do I capitalize and make the most of this second chance? I have some leverage. I seem to be in demand these days as a finalist, but how to clear the hurdle and get exactly what I want? Jesus, that sounds like a Cosmo coverline.

Is this second chance going to be a second chance and redemption and possibly free grad school? Or a second chance at heart-ache? I guess I gotta take the chance, and my chances.

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