Friday, June 15, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman Put Your Hands Together for the Undees

i was journaling the other day, that's write i journal and am proud about it, been doing it since i was six. but as i was saying i was journaling and for some reason i thought of movie/books/music this is grossly underrated and doesn't get the credit it deserves. kinda like mike redmond.

then in my sick little mind i thought if they have the oscars for best film, razzies for worst film. emmies, tonies, grammies and AMA's and even moonmen from MTV then i am a going to create an awards show for Undees --- the most underappreciated films of the year. it would later expand to books, essays, music and television, although no broadway, because the stuff off of broadway is where it's at.

so in no particular order i present the debut of the Undees.

broadcast news: maybe it's my sick fancination since i work around news cycles. but so darn funny, regardless

rushmore: second in line after bottle rocket, rushmore still remains my favorite over the tenebaums and life aquatic. her we see the wilson boys and wes anderson on the start of something good. would also go on to inspire the anderson/wilson dynasty and arrested development, which the cancellation still brings a tear to my eye

in america: a beautiful film about a family moving to america in the 80s. if you have not seen it, rent it, rent it now. seriously. plus the little girls in the film are adorable and sisters in real-life.

why we fight: i enjoy documentaries and this one is pertinent and much under the radar compared to al gore's global warming, morgan spurlock's supersize me or any michael moore film. very interesting and very deserving

before sunrise/before sunset: essentially they are two films. but i consider them one. in case you have never heard about them or if you have skip the next few sentences. before sunrise was created in mid 90s about two recent college grads from different parts of the world who meet on a train and spend the day together. it is the ultimate ambiguous ending. but the plan was to film the next movie ten years later in real time and see what happened. before sunset is ethan hawke at his most vulnerable and brilliant acting since his white fang days. he was just off uma-divorced-me-since-i-slept-with-a-canadian-stripper-and-won't-take-me-back-but-i-want-her-back stage. and his character is real, vulnerable, mad, sad, etc. and whoever i loaned those DVDs to has yet to return them. damn my mind for forgetting, but not forgetting how good they are.

slap shot: it does not get the credit it deserves for being a top three sports flick. i believe hoosiers, over-rated. brian's song, over-rated. field of dreams, over-rated. but slapshot with it's vulgarity, crudeness and ode to the hanson brothers, the hockey hansons not the "hhhmmm....bop" singing ones, is a great tour-de-force of 70s hockey teams.

so those are my deserving undees!

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