Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here Comes the Sun, Sudden Panic Attack

interview at 2:30. meeting with former supervisor in about an hour to walk thru stuff. have a good vibe going, but i'm scared while i am driving i will realize the magnitude of this second chance and have a massive panic attack, swerve out of control somewhere East on I-94 and end up being flow to the U of M hospital.

ok. i don't really think that. except i do wonder how to balance personal me and professional me? they are similar entities, but given the work that i do, you have to be a bit of a freak and have to let your hair down in a reasonable and silly manner. it's the silliness that gets me. or instant comfort levels. that what i don't like about interviews. essentially they are dates. to see if both sides will be happy in the employment relationship.

in dating sphere i was the queen of four dates. cause it is about the four date mark where you become either exclusive or end it. sadly, professional me is also good with the 4th round or 4th date of an interview. yet always the damn runner-up. well hopefully not this time. i want the crowd, the date, the job, damnit. and i don't care who knows.

where has my self-respect gone?

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