Friday, July 13, 2007

Do I have the power to kill?

That sound morbid. But it's not. Lemme explain.

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend and I referenced Lady Bird Johnson. Which caused the conversation to project into another conversation -- I know, go figure. Was Lady Bird Johnson still alive? Did she happen to die and we missed that headline? And if she is alive, she's gotta be close to 100. This conversation occurred last Saturday.

And what happens this week. Lady Bird Johnson dies on Tuesday or Wednesday after 95 or so years on this earth. Coincidence? Perhaps. Did I cause her death? No. But it's a bit eerie that she died 96 hours after discussing if 1.) she was still alive (turns out not for much longer) 2.) yes she was close to 100. 3.) didn't miss the headline in the Strib or online.

This really chokes me to admit it but I went 0-for-4 yesterday in softball. Pre-game I was moved in the batting order and choked that I wouldn't get a hit, since I wasn't hitting behind my lucky charm CB. Turns out, fairly accurate. Two walks, to infielder's choices and one lone RBI.
Do I have the power to hex myself? I think I've had it since I came sliding out of the womb.

But here's the last one. I mentioned a girl of a friend of a friend who is in the same business as I am in. I was meeting with a mentor. And I knew she knew of this woman, but it turns out she thought of her as she was driving to meet me. Strange. Here's were it gets really kooky. After meeting mentor I check email. I get this thing from IABC and the person I mentioned, and the person mentor was thinking of was highlighed in my email.

So if I have these powers for evil and strange, is there a way I can reap benefits from them? Could I get a Harry Potter wand, have a game of Quibbage and someone score a "real-job"? Prolly not. So instead I'll be a little more careful with the death comments, cause I don't want to ever have the power to kill anyone. Kill thoughts yes -- racism, and most other isms, but not folks. Unless of course I kill the with kindness, and I think that ability is way out of my powers.

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