Friday, July 13, 2007

Read at your own disclosure (might be graphic for some readers)

So we are at the softball fields last night, staying long after they shut down the lights. So as we are sitting in the dark, drinking and conversing, naturally I have to be at around 11:45 p.m. So I drop sweats and squat behind a pole. Having broken the seal on a many occasions, I can tell if I've had too much by how balanced or unbalanced I am at squatting. Last night, I could have gotten a perfect 10 on the balance beam for my squat. I finish business and look up at the starry, pleasant night, glad I have my OFF on so to not inquire a mosquito necklace or anklet, and then it dawns on me. This feels like underage drinking in high school. The finding a spot to pee where no one can see you, peeing in generally on the grass, being out past midnight on a school/work night. All memories that were repeated fondly in my youth.

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