Thursday, July 12, 2007

Miss Nonprofit 2007

That's me. Well at least that feels like me these days. Since I've been working from home for the last while (aka getting final interviews and tanking them apparently on a frequent basis) I've been doing freelance work for nonprofits. I'm also on a few board of directors, which I always find amazing and ridiculous. Sort of like these folks are seeing my upside potential and that in 25 years I will be ruling the Twin Cities scene. JK. I don't think that, except I do strive to (someday) be in The Business Journal's 40 Under 40 and is it a nice feeling to be a respect Board of Director, where people appreciate what you can bring to the table. Because I definitely lacked that at my last two jobs.

Why do chicks in power find me intimidating?

I'll never understand. As I was saying.

Oh yea, my little miss nonprofit crown. The distinctions, besides playing a sweet ass piano recital and being able to lay out a plan for world peace I've been involved with the following organizations in the last two years:

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Red Cross
United Way
The Arc
Junior League

All good organizations in their own way. Plus I can twirl a mean baton and my sash is never out of place or wrinkled and I inspire little girls across the Twin Cities as a role model.

Who am I kidding? I'll never be Miss Anything, except Miss Smart Ass. And now that's crown I wear with my head held high. And I've self-labeled myself Ms. Minne and I'm not giving up that title. Nope, I'm gonna be like Roger Federer at Wimbledon and not let anyone snatch away my title on my favorite surface ( aka the Twin Cities and esp MPLS) So if there are any female Rafa Nadal's out there -- good luck trying to snag my name and title. Ha!

Ok, I just had an "aawww snap moment" and it's not even 7:45 am. Christ, I'm crazy.

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