Monday, July 9, 2007

Ground Control to Major Tom OR Clown control to Mao Tse Tung.

Yep, that's what kind of Monday morning I am having. Took me over an hour for my damn Firefox to connect itself to this thing we call the internet. WTF? is that all about. Your job is to connect Firefox, why were you not connecting? Whatever. I'm so over that and onto my next fit of anger.

And I don't even like being irritated. It ruins my aura and spirit. Damn it. It's not even 9:00 a.m.

Hennepin County. It's on my shitlist. If I could I would leave the county and take up quarters in Ramsey County. But alas, moving is one of my least favorite things in the world to do, so instead I complain like the good natured American that I am. I needed that out of my system and if I tell the story regarding HC, I might end up at HCMC. There is not even a silver lining of humor in the damn thing. F'ing ridiculous.

What else has me worked up this a.m.? Stupid Roger Federer winning another Wimbledon title. I'm sick of seeing him, and I'm even more sick of seeing him and Tiger Woods in various commercials -- Nike, Gilette shavers, angst, I tell ya, angst. So I'm rooting for Roddick of Blake on US soil and might take a trip for the ATP in Cincinnati, just so I can cross Ohio off my list of states to visit.

Boy, did I love it that the Buckeyes choked in both the national football game and basketball game. Sure it would have been great for the BIG TEN, but not great for my morale. Can't stand Michigan or Ohio State. ick!

Why do blonde-haired folk grow mustaches? It never looks good on any of them, women included.

I need to power yoga or something to get all this bad energy out of my system. Luckily my i-pod is malfunctioning, so I get to take a stroll to the apple store. Maybe the walk will work over my irritation. Or Lord only knows what the rest of this F'ing Monday will entail.

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