Monday, July 9, 2007

Social Spectator or Social Commentator?

Social spectator or social commentator, it does beg the question of which one I consider myself more of. Without a doubt, it's social commentator. I partake in the world, but you would never find me standing on the sidelines. Instead I'd be on the bench, never taking a swing (but most definitely a swig of alcohol or listerine) and providing the color commentator to the daily activities of the world.

Is that a job -- daily commenting on the world -- if so, put me in cold coach, I'm ready to play. TO-DAY!

Ohmigod, can you image the hilarity on just making comments as you walked around Mpls? Holy, hilarity!! Maybe I could put that on craigslist and get a taker to pay me to be a social commentator. The only job more cush than that would be Sports Guy Bill Simmons, and I don't see him relinquishing that post any time soon, unless the Sports Gal uses her powers to the nth degree or the City of Boston sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.

So that is what I am going to put in the next resume I send. Past/Current Employment

Marketing, Web Site Development, Financial Development, Public Relations and Social Commentator.

Hey, anything is worth a shot these days.

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